Last week, zaheerforthepeople leaked a new episode of The Legend of Korra early, which was illegal and highly disrespectful towards the creators. I was hoping he’d stop after that, but that’s apparently not the case. His latest post is not only a possible spoiler, but could be a sign that he’s planning to leak yet another episode. We are dangerously close to this season’s finale and if we want to properly enjoy it, we cannot afford to be spoiled any further.

Everyone, I beg of you: Do not support zaheerforthepeople’s actions!

If you have any real respect for The Legend of Korra, please wait for the episode to be officially released. You won’t be showing proper support to the show’s staff unless you do. The viewings on and purchases on Amazon are the only real way we can show our love for this amazing series. Without those, the show could end up going through even more trouble than it already has.

If the next episode is leaked, don’t give into temptation and just hold out a little longer for the official release. Show this Zaheer wannabe that we don’t approve of such ill-gotten spoilers!